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Naval Clash Admiral Edition for Android
The Battleship of the day when computers were still huge

Play classic battleship game from your childhood, just like it might had you played it in your maths book at school. Sink enemy ships, collect stars and earn ranks, become Admiral of the Fleet! Setup your battleships, then fight against your droid or on the Net with people all over the world. For those who missed this fun earlier - the objective of this guess and shoot game is to find and sink all enemy ships.

New 2.4.0 (06 Sep 2012):
  • Hotseat mode. Play together on one phone
  • Nexus 7 and Full HD tablets support
  • Play with friends online
  • Blacklist your enemies


The Game designed for smartphones with Android 2.x or higher. Honeycomb and ICS tablets support playing in portrait mode. Compare features of Admiral Edition and a free version of Naval Clash:
FeatureNaval Clash Free editionNaval Clash Admiral Edition
Fights with Droid
Three difficulty levels for Droid game--
Multiplayer clashes via bluetooth
Play together on one phone. Hotseat mode--
Worldwide battles on the Web
Invite a friend to play online--
Blacklist people you do not want to play with--
In-game chat with your rival--
Favorite ship formations, save and reuse--
Fast sequential shooting mode--
Enemy field view on defeat--
Stars and ranks for each victory--
Global star ratings--
Global and local top scores
Multiple user profiles and its migration across your phones--
In-game special tricks--soon

"Good news. Now you can experience all the fun of an epic strategy game for the ages on your Android with Naval Clash Android app, complete with retro-chic hand drawn graphics and honest to goodness grid paper background. Round up your cruisers and hide your air craft carrier well, it's time for the Naval Clash..."
by Android Apps Review

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