Rus Eng
How to play

The objective of this guess and shoot game is to find and sink all enemy ships. You have two square fields with the cells. One field is for setting up your ships, the other is for shooting enemy.
First you need to enter your name and select your opponent. There are three types of the game:

  • vs Android - single player game, you play against your android phone.
  • Bluetooth - multiplayer game, you play against another person via bluetooth.
  • WebMan - multiplayer game, you play against another person via internet connection. Your opponent could be anywhere around the world.

Ships setup

After selecting a type of player, proceed to the ships setup.
There are ten ships of four different types on each field. You place the ship to the field by dragging it from the top of the screen. Tap the ship in the field to rotate it. Ships could not overlap each other or stay too close. There will be cells colored in red if you place them in a wrong way.
Use 'Auto' button to generate ships setup automatically. After that you still could rearrange them if you like.
There are four types of the ships:

Aircraft carrier.
Length: four cells
Ships: one

Length: three cells
Ships: two

Length: two cells
Ships: three

Length: one cell
Ships: four

After setting up all ships, hit 'Go' to start the battle...

The Battle

Battle screen contains three areas. Your field shows current state of your own ships. Near this field there is a status view with the number of ships to hit. Red frame indicates whose turn is now. Shooting is done by one cell at a time. If the ship is hit then you can shoot again. If you missed and the cell was empty then your opponent has a chance to shoot your fleet.

The game is over when all ships are sunk.
You should sink enemy's ships faster and win!


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